The Town of Leverett does not own any cemeteries.  
An association owns and operates the several cemeteries, funded through trust funds and other accounts, gifts, and lot sales, with some support from the town.

East Leverett Cemeteries

  • North Cemetery, Montague Road
  • East Leverett Cemetery, Cemetery Road
  • Long Plain Cemetery, Depot Road
  • Mt. Toby Cemetery, Long Plain Road

North Leverett Cemeteries

  • Jackson Hill Road Cemetery
  • Chestnut Hill Road Cemetery
  • Moores Corner Cemetery, Rattlesnake Gutter Road
  • Plainview Cemetery, North Leverett Road
  • Gardner Cemetery, Skerry Road

Private burial site

  • Marvell-Billings Cemetery, Jackson Hill Road

Cemeteries are non-sectarian. However, only East Leverett and Plainview Cemeteries have available lots.
Contact: Sharon Raskevitz, 548-9205 for information

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