Highway Department

Contact the Highway Superintendent for driveway permits, curb cuts, and before you plant, erect a fence, or build a stonewall along a town road.

The Highway Superintnendent is also the Tree Warden.  Consult with him if you have any questions or concerns about trees or plants within the town's right of way along the road.

Leverett Highway Department Herbicide Use – August 17, 2016
The Department will be using a glyphosate herbicide only in locations where mechanical equipment cannot reach to control vegetation on posts for signs and guardrails along roadsides.  The herbicide will be applied directly to problem poison ivy patches.  There will be no broadcast spraying along roadsides.  The use of the herbicide is due to severe allergic reactions of some employees to poison ivy and the rampant growth of the poison ivy.  The herbicide will be applied using a shoulder carried sprayer and long-handled, calibrated spray nozzle.  Spray will be applied to poison ivy plant surfaces for treatment of specific areas near town poles, posts and guard rails.  Spray drift will be minimized.  This herbicide does not migrate in soil and does not persist.  In cases where trimming or pulling is an option the herbicide will not be utilized.

To contact the Highway Department please call 548-9400.

If you wish to opt out of the use of glyphospate use on your property you may fill out an opt out form.

Additional Info

Highway Superintendent

Matthew Boucher
95 Montague Road

7:00am - 3:30pm

phone: 548-9400
fax: 548-9409
(1-2 day return time)
email: highway@leverett.ma.us

For Emergencies: Call 911

For non-emergency road hazard call
Shelburne Control Dispatch:

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