Fire Department

We need you! Come join the Leverett Fire Department!

The Town of Leverett is in need of interested people to become part of the town's call fire department. Duties include response to fires, medical and other emergency events. Training is provided by the town and includes CPR and First Responder training. Qualifications include a valid driver's license and residence within 10 miles of the Public Safety Complex. Hours are variable depending on the timing and nature of emergency calls. Average approximately 3-5 hours per week. Attendance at Thursday night trainings is required. Hourly pay for call and training time.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a call firefighter you can:

1) come to a training session on a Thursday night,
2) call the Fire Chief (413) 548-9225,
3) click here for Fire Department application, obtain a copy at the Leverett Public Safety Complex, or at the Leverett Town Hall.

Watch the recruitment video made with the Leverett and Sunderland Fire Departments. The video explores the work and training that Call Firefighters do to keep our community safe and to respond to emergencies. It is posted on YouTube at the following URL:

The Fire Depertment issues many permits. Here is a partial list. Contact the department if you have any questions.

  • Oil burning equipment, liquefied petroleum gas containers and systems, transportation of flammable and combustible liquids, tanks and containers, explosives, model rockets, lumber and other forest products, use and maintenance or temporary portable space heating devices and equipment used in construction, cannon or mortar firing, certificates of occupancies, sprinkler systems, burning permits, building permits, blasting, smoke detectors, fireworks, safety inspections and carbon monoxide detector inspections.

The visible posting of your house number is very important in case of an emergency. If your number isn’t posted, please post it.

  • "Smoke Detectors Save Lives" so check them monthly and change the batteries at least twice a year. If you have a carbon monoxide detector, it should be checked in the same manner.
  • Check your home for any hazards such as combustibles stored too close to a source of heat, frayed cords, or chemicals stored improperly.
  • Create an escape plan. Have a second way out of your home in case the usual way is inaccessible. Also, plan a meeting place for all occupants so you can ensure everyone is out of the home.
  • Finally, emergency vehicles can’t reach your house if your driveway is impassable because of snow or ice. Please keep your driveway clear to minimize response time to your emergency.

Burning Permits:

Brush burning season starts on January 15 and runs through April 30.
To obtain a permit:

Burning must take place at least 75 feet from a structure between the hours of 10:00 am. and 4:00pm at which time the fire must be extinguished. Only one pile of brush may be burned at a time. Make sure you have water available ready to extinguish, if needed. The best time to burn is when there is snow on the ground. Do not wait until late March or April when dry, windy conditions may cause early closing of the season.

Additional Info

Leverett Fire Department
95 Montague Road

Fire Chief:
Brian Cook

Emergencies Only: 911
Dispatch: 413-625-8200
Non-emergency: 413-548-9225
Fax: 413-345-6733

Burning Permit:
January 15th-May 1st
Online Burning Permit

Thursdays 6:00-9:00pm

Current Firefighter Positions:
Firefighter Openings

Fire Department Study Committee

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