Zoning Board of Appeals

No meetings currently scheduled.


7 of 8 seats. 3 years each seat.

  • Larry Farber, Chair. 2023.
  • Cynthia Baldwin . 2022.
  • Ray LaClaire. 2022.
  • Richard Godsey. 2022.
  • Daniel Levine. 2023.
  • Danielle Barshak. 2024.
  • Skip Fournier. 2024.

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is the Permit Granting Authority and the Special Permit Granting Authority for those projects not meeting the requirements of the Leverett Zoning Bylaws.  It is established and authorized by Massachusetts General Law Chapters 40A, 40B, and 41; as well as the zoning bylaws of the Town of Leverett. 

The ZBA does not have regularly scheduled meetings. The board meets in response to an application filed in the Town Clerk’s office.

The ZBA acts on applications for Special Permits, Variances, Appeals of actions of the Building Commissioner, and Comprehensive Permits. All meetings and public hearings of the ZBA are open to the public. Hearings are advertised in the local paper and abutters are notified at least two weeks in advance of the hearing. 

Massachusetts General Chapter 40a Zoning Laws

Massachusetts General Laws - Zoning

Previous meetings:

ZBA Hearing Application

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