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7 of 7 seats. 3 years each seat.

  • Brooke Thomas.
  • Cynthia Thomas Kimmel.
  • George Lockwood.
  • Portia Weiskel.
  • Shirley Thomas.
  • Richard Nathhorst, member. June, 2020.
  • Peggy Wolff, member. June, 2024.


Program Details

Leverett Community Choice Power Supply Program (CCPSP) is an electricity program organized by the town of Leverett to provide residents and businesses with new options for electricity supply. First Point Power is the electric supplier.  The Town has selected a 100% green product which supports renewable energy as 100% of the power supply is offset with Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s). This Program only affects the supply portion of your monthly bill. The delivery of electricity and billing for use is still completed through Eversource so customers continue to receive one bill from the utility.


Program rates 

Leverett CCPSP has a standard product, called Leverett Standard; participants in the program receive the Leverett Standard unless they choose the greener product called Optional Green Product. The standard product is 100% renewable energy offset by National Wind REC’s. This is the basic electric service for Leverett residents.

The Optional Green Product is 100% MASS Class 1 REC’s (no Biomass). If you wish to participate in this option you must Opt-in.

If you do not wish to participate in the Town’s program you may: 1) Opt-out and continue paying the Eversource Basic Service rate; or 2) Opt-out and choose your own Competitive Supplier (if one is available to you).

As of 2021 Eversource’s Basic Service only includes 16% of its energy from eligible renewable energy sources which include photovoltaic solar energywind energy, wave and tidal energy, landfill methane gas, biomassgeothermal energy, and new hydroelectric power facilities.


How to Participate in Leverett Community Choice Power Supply Program

Most residents and businesses in Leverett already participate in the program. Check your electricity bill to see if you’re one of them: the Supplier should be listed as First Point Power. You may contact Colonial Power at 508 485.5858 to Opt-in to our greener product or to Opt-out of Leverett’s standard product.

If a different supplier is listed on your bill, contact that supplier to check for penalties or termination fees that they may charge before you join the Leverett program.

Participation in the Leverett program is voluntary: you can leave the program at any time without fee or penalty by contacting Colonial Power.

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