Community Preservation

Meeting Schedule: The Community Preservation Commission meets on the first Wednesday of the month (except in summer) at 7:30p at the Town Hall.

No meetings currently scheduled.


6 of 7 seats. 3 years each seat.

  • Roger Zimmerman, At-large. 2027.
  • Steve Ball, At-large. 2027.
  • Apple Ahearn, Affordable Housing. 2026.
  • Ann Tweedy, Historical Commission. 2027.
  • Steve Freedman, Planning Board. 2026.
  • Danielle Barshak, Recreation Commission, Chair. 2027.

The Community Preservation Committee is pleased to be able to offer to citizens of Leverett the opportunity to apply for Community Preservation funds. Under the Community Preservation Act, the Town may use these funds for the following purposes:


Open space includes: land that protects scenic vistas; forested land; land that protects wells, aquifers and recharge areas; and fields. Community preservation funds may be used to protect open space by outright purchase, or by extinguishing or limiting development rights through the purchase of permanent conservation or agricultural preservation easements or restriction.


“Historic resources” are defined as: a building, structure, vessel or real property that is listed or eligible for listing on the state register of historic places or has been determined by the Historical Commission to be significant in the history, archeology, architecture or culture of Leverett. Community Preservation funds may be used for the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of existing historic resources (including Town-owned historic resources), but not for routine maintenance. Investment in historic resources must be protected by a permanent historic preservation easement and provide public benefit.


“Community housing” is defined as: low income (less than 80% of the area-wide median) and moderate income (less than 100% of the area-wide median) housing for individuals and families, including low or moderate income senior housing. Community Preservation funds may be used for low interest loan programs to income-eligible first-time home buyers, for financial assistance to income-eligible homeowners, for gap funding for non-profit community development corporations or for-profit developers, to match state or federal low-income housing grants, or for other “support” of community housing. The Town’s investment in community housing not owned by the Town must be protected by a long-term affordability restriction.


Recreation is defined to include active or passive recreation, including, but not limited to, the following: community gardens, trails, noncommercial youth and adult sports, and parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

A project may use funding from more than one category. Projects that incorporate funding from other sources are encouraged.

If you have any questions about the application form or the information required for your project, please call Danielle Barshak at 413-548-8139 or email .


Step 1: Complete Application Form by October 1

If possible, submit electronically to and submit two print copies of completed application form and supporting materials to:

Leverett Community Preservation Committee
Town Hall
Leverett, MA 01054

If not able to submit electronically, please submit eight print copies of completed application form and supporting materials.

The Community Preservation Committee may accept late applications after the deadline, for emergency or other appropriate reasons, according to the committee’s discretion. Please inquire. Incomplete applications will not be voted upon by the committee.

Step 2: Community Preservation Review and Public Comment

A. Application Review: The Leverett Community Preservation Committee (LCPC) will review submitted applications to determine whether:

  • proposed projects are eligible for Community Preservation funding; and
  • proposed projects are sufficiently developed in terms of their work plan and ripe in terms of timing for further consideration

After reviewing the applications, the LCPC may ask applicants to provide additional information.

B. Public Comment: The LCPC will seek public comment on proposed projects at a public hearing to be scheduled in February or March.

C. LCPC Recommendations: The LCPC will make its final recommendations for funding in the form of warrant articles to be voted on at the spring Annual Town Meeting.

Step 3: Town Meeting Approval

Town Meeting has the final authority to award funds from Leverett’s Community Preservation Fund. LCPC will recommend funding in the form of warrant articles. Town Meeting requires a two thirds vote for land acquisition and a majority vote for other funding.

Step 4: Funding Award

Funding for approved projects will be available on a reimbursement basis following Town Meeting, subject to satisfaction of any conditions established by the committee. In order to receive funding the applicant must submit an invoice that includes receipts for expenditures.

Here are some resources that may be helpful in filling out your application:

Previous meetings:

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