Council on Aging

Friday, October 20, 10:00 am until 11:30 am
Town Hall
A meeting of the Council on Aging (COA)


Meeting Preliminaries

• Open Meeting / Take Attendance

• Approve Minutes from August

1. Old Business

• Treasurer’s Report (JR)

• UPDATE on Navigator Position, etc. Grant (Jya, Tom)

Newsletter delivery. New “blurb” for Leverett Connects

• Friday Luncheon ~ update (Judi)

• Grant for FY 24 Community Transit Program (John) table John not attending

• COA sponsored Tech Day at Leverett Library with GCC Tech students (JR)

• Internships? (Newsletter?) (Jya)

2. New Business

• RFP’s (Requests for Proposals) for our Navigator Position, etc. (MCOA/AARP)

• Any updates on Community Foundation Grants (Tom)

• Internships? (Newsletter?) (Jya)

• RE: Newsletter info due Oct 1: Linda’s article (next Deadline is Dec. 1)

• Newsletter delivery

• Village Neighbors ~ meet with a rep in October: Nancy Spittle or Jeannette Stockton

• Montague Reporter – Senior Center Activities…..Leverett update? (Judi , JR)

• Community Health Equity Survey (Judi)

• Communications ~ Discussions at Board Meeting prior to posting on Lev. Con., etc. (Judi)

• Community Engagement: GCC offerings

• Substitutes to run the monthly Foot Clinic when needed

3. Announcements

Discussion if needed

4. Next Meeting Friday, November 17th at 10 am ?

5. Adjourn Meeting.

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