Board of Health

Monday, October 2, 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm
Town Hall and ZOOM
A meeting of the Board of Health

1. Received Well Permit Application from Jeremy Ober, New Construction 73 Depot Road DSCP#C2023-08-09A. Received from Jeremy Ober check #861, dated 9/28/2023 for $75.00 for Well Permit Application. Cynthia motioned to accept Well Permit Application for 73 Depot Road, Lizzie seconded. no discussion. Motion passes.

2. Received a letter from George and Jeanne Kamansky (156 Long Plain Road) regarding their neighbor Phil Rocasah (160 Long Plain Road) unregistered vehicles on his property.

3. 3 Hemenway Road (new construction) provisional approval pending new design plan. Lizzie motioned tp provisionall approve Well Permit Application pending 75' buffer from public way. Cynthia seconded.

a. PFAS and arcenic test required.

b. COC will not issued without a water test

Motion passes.Lizzie signed Well Permit.

4. Lizzie was in touch with Caprice regard PFAS with an update; UMass gave Leverett 40 post cards with testing kits report should be available soon.

How does Health Agent define a new source.

Caprice will confir with other towns. Contact the Plumbing Inspector @FRCOG

Lizzie motioned to adjourn Cynthia seconded. Motion passes


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