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Leverett, Massachusetts
Situated in western Massachusetts, Leverett is neighbor to the Five College area of Amherst, Hampshire, Smith, Mt. Holyoke and the University of Massachusetts.

Its diverse population of 2,000 is a rich mixture of teachers, students, farmers, lumbermen, gardeners, artists, professionals in the areas of medicine, law, and telecommunications.

Leverett is unusually rich in scenic beauty. Rattlesnake Gutter Road, in the heart of the town, is a two mile road through a glacial ravine, bordered by Brushy Mountain. The Sawmill River cascades over rocks in Moore’s Corner, before coming to the North Leverett millpond, and its picturesque historic mill. Leverett Pond, in the center of town, is a place of quiet beauty. The first Peace Pagoda in the U.S. sits majestically at the top of Cave Hill. Road names, such as Juggler Meadow, Teawaddle Hill, Cider Mill, Number Six, Rat Hollow, intrigue the traveler.

What's New

The fiber build contractor, Millennium/Matirx, has recently created a "trouble ticket" reporting system. If you have a question about an installation (e.g., line to the house, ONT location), send an email to: Leverett@millenniuminc.com The system will record the report, forward it to a Millennium staffer, and reply with updates as the matter is addressed.

Regional Agreement Working Group Update

Read the Sustainability Committee's Report


CPA Affordable Housing Covenant

Leverett Elementary School Budget

Leverett FTTH Homeowner Preparation Information

Please take this Massachusett Broadband Institute Survey!

 Watch the Fire Department recruitment video on YouTube. The video was made with the Leverett and Sunderland Fire Departments. It highlights the work and training that Call Firefighters do to protect our communities and respond to emergencies. Here's the URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgnuugLs2vA 



Union 28 Teacher's Salary Comparison: click here


       Listening System Available for all Town-Sponsored Events

In order to make town government and public meetings accessible to the hearing impaired, the Town has purchased and installed assistive listening systems in the Town Hall and Library. These systems allow hearing impaired citizens to more fully understand what is being said at town events.  The systems are FM based transmitters that require the use of an FM receiver that is provided by the Town. The receivers can be used with headphones or a neck loop if the person uses hearing aids with t-coils. The systems are available for all town board, committee, and public events in town buildings. Participants who have used the system (at last year’s Town Meeting and at public meeting concerning school regionalization) report that the system works well and makes participation in meetings a lot easier.

 News from the Regional School District Planning Board

What's New, Continued .. Click here) 

 Please see the town calendar for Town Committee and Board meetings schedule. The official postings of meetings are in the binder outside the Town Hall back door.  Also check out the Town Hall Bulletin board (2nd floor).


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